Our Products

Our all-time favorites are made by combining the cleansing properties of organic vegetables and energizing properties of fresh fruits. Beginners and purists alike can bask deep into the long list of choices and find the right juice for them.

From the highest quality organic vegetables and sweetest fruits, it is the perfect choice for those who are trying to load up on cold-pressed juice with more antioxidants, more nutrients, and more advanced flavors.

Containing extra amounts of minerals and electrolytes, our Cold-pressed Elixirs are satisfyingly soothing with a fruity notes.

Treat yourself to our dairy-free Cold-Pressed Oat Milk made from carefully selected rolled oats with minimal processing, but maximum nutrition.

Upgrade your regular H2O with fresh and delicious mix fruits infused water that are low in calories and set to hydrate your body

A good pocket-sized drink to boost immunity, the Cold-Pressed SHOTs are a pure source of natural energy that leaves you supercharged throughout the day.

These smoothies are the perfect meal replacement with up to 32g of proteins and 14g of fiber, guaranteeing that you’ll have a burst of energy and great digestive functions.

Indulge in our dairy-free, gluten-free and lactose-free Cold-Pressed Almond Milk made from the finest raw almonds and feel the difference in every bottle.

Using only the best locally sourced coffee beans, get your fix of Indonesia’s first and only Cold-Pressed Coffee. Enjoy the earthy taste from our Sumatran Arabica and Robusta blend, mixed with natural and organic ingredients for a coffee experience, low in acid, but HUGE in flavor.

It’s a healthier twist from Indonesian traditional beverage recipes called “Jamu”. Made from only fresh ingredients that are not from concentrate, powder, or essence, and 100% fresh and natural, this lactose-free and gluten-free jamu also uses unique healing ingredients that are known to help promote overall body strength.