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#LiveHappier with deliciously healthy F&B products fresh from Mother Nature!

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Rejuve Our Story

"We cater to those individuals who crave to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle".

Spearheaded by Mr. Richard Anthony, Re.juve was founded in 2014 by Indonesia’s leading diversified business groups, Gunung Sewu Group, as a response to the lack of healthy, delicious and honest beverages in the market. Offering a myriad selection of F&B products with cold-pressed juices being our paragon, we cater to those individuals who crave to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

What started as creating cold-pressed juices in front of customers at our flagship store in Gandaria City in 2014 has now grown extensively to a range of 90 outlets cities across Indonesia like Jabodetabek, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, Semarang, Solo, Malang, Yogyakarta, Palembang, and Lampung. As we believe that everyone should #LiveHappier, we provide 18 vending machines to make it more accessible and are available in more than 150 supermarkets nationwide.

We have now launched over 60 variants of beverages, ranging from Cold-Pressed Juice, Cold-Pressed Coffee, Cold-Pressed Almond Milk, Cold-Pressed Indonesian Heritage, Cold-Pressed SHOTs, Cold-Pressed Elixirs, Smoothies and Infused Water.

Holding true to our core values of producing honest and transparent beverages for our loyal customers, Re.juve opened its True Cold-Pressed Production Facility (CPF) integrated with High Pressure Processing Technology (HPP) back in December 2018. Located in Tangerang area, the facility became the first-of-its-kind in Indonesia as well as across ASEAN.

True Cold-Pressed.

For our products, we avoid heat pasteurization and unwanted processing that diminishes the nutrients and active compounds in whole fruits and vegetables as compared to the traditional centrifugal juicing processes. As a result, Re.juve’s cold-pressed juices are carefully derived using True Cold-Pressed technology that relies on hydraulic press to extract all the fruits and vegetables nutrients with no heat and no contact process that help in protecting its best-kept ingredients, natural flavours and rich vitamins along with preserving its freshness and shelf life. Furthermore, all Re.juve beverages are protected with High Pressure Processing Technology (the only one in Indonesia) to make it even safer to consume as well as maintaining its freshness, rawness and nutrition contents.

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100% fresh fruits and vegetables.

With the support and constant feedback from our dear customers, we will continue to expand our F&B selections with an aim to become a one-stop healthy destination for everyone. We stayed committed to our values and constantly pushed ourselves to find new F&B innovations that are not only delicious and healthy, but will always be honest and transparent in the ingredients we used (#CleanLabel) as Re.juve is a brand with Integrity.

We hope that we have played a part in your journey to become healthier as we believe that our great products will help to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul and lead you to live a happier life.

In 2023, we are proud to announce that Re.juve True Cold-Pressed production facility is now fully ISO Certified. On top of that, our products have also been officially 100% Halal certified – a step we take to fully complied with the new government regulations, notwithstanding that all of our cold-pressed juices are already naturally ‘halal’ as they are made from only 100% fresh fruits and vegetables, without any added ingredients.

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