Covid-19 Protocols

Dear Customers,


In this challenging time, we hope you and your family are always in a healthy and safe condition.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by this unprecedented event and we appreciate the healthcare workers, local communities and the government for being in the front line working to contain this coronavirus pandemic.

We also want to thank you in advance for putting your trust in Re.juve as a main destination for any healthy, delicious and honest food & beverage selections.

Responding to the current situation around novel coronavirus (COVID-19) that continues to evolve, we would like to reach out to you to ensure that our customers’ safety is our utmost concern. We have been doing our best to ensure that customers get not only the best products that can help them stay fit and healthy, but also hygienic and safe to consume products.

As you are already aware, we have implemented the highest standard of hygiene precautions as our cold-pressed juices, SHOTs and other RTD beverages are made in our HACCP Certified True Cold-Pressed Production Facility that is integrated with High Pressure Technology (HPP) , to ensure the highest hygiene possible from production to the arrival of products at our stores and handed to customers – all our RTD beverages are also in sealed condition to keep the contents in the bottle hygienic and safe to consume.

During these uncertain times, we have further tighten and improve our hygiene standards to include extra/additional steps as mentioned below:

At our HACCP Certified True Cold-Pressed Production Facility (CPF):

  • Prior to entering our CPF area, everyone must go through a temperature check (must be below 37, 5°C) and sanitation process.
  • All visitors and vendors must always keep their hands clean before being allowed to enter the premises.
  • Any CPF team (include drivers) who are not feeling well or have a body temperature of 37, 5°C or above are not allowed to work. They will be sent home and must consult with a doctor immediately.
  • All CPF team are not allowed to share food, utensils and shake hands with one another.
  • All facilities go through extra/additional cleaning and sanitation process.
  • All logistic vehicles are sanitized regularly to ensure hygiene and sanitation.
  • All drivers must sanitize/clean their hands before starting work and when delivering the products to the stores

At Re.juve Stores:

  • Providing hand sanitizers to ensure our crew can clean & sanitize their hands regularly
  • Require customers who will choose the products in the showcase to clean/sanitize their hands first.
  • Any crew who are not feeling well or have body temperature of 37, 5°C or above is not allowed to work. They will be sent home and must consult with a doctor immediately
  • All crews are not allowed to share food and/or utensils.
  • We are frequently cleaning all area with disinfectants such as door handles, showcase, etc.

If currently you feel uncomfortable being in a crowd or want to minimize direct physical contact with many people, we will be more than happy and ready to deliver your favourite Re.juve products right to your doorstep.

You can order thru our website or contact our delivery service at 0817-735883 or 08111-735883.

Last but not least, let’s all work hand in hand to support our government’s effort to maintain “social distancing”, to ensure that we can all help to ‘flatten the curve’ and pass this hard and challenging situation soon.


Warm regards,

Richard Anthony
(CEO & President Director)