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Re.juve was born with a commitment to always do the right thing. From producing delicious, healthy and honest beverages that are #GoodForYou to launching several initiatives aiming to help preserve the environment like #GoodForEarth, and the latest #GoodForCommunity where we focus our lenses on the community.


We mean it when we say that all of our products must be delicious, healthy and made from only fresh and pure ingredients This means that we don’t add water, sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives or any other ingredients in our juices (it’s always 100% pure), nor do we use any concentrate materials or pasteurized our juices. We believe in only Cold-Pressed Juices that are 100% Fresh, Pure, Raw, Natural and made from only fresh fruits & vegetables can be considered delicious & healthy juices.

And when we couldn’t create ‘pure’ beverages without additional ingredients for our non-juice products, we are still committed to only use ingredients that will enable us to produce delicious and healthy food & beverages. For example, for our almond milk we decided to use organic coconut sugar (even though it cost much higher than normal cane sugar) for the sole reason that it’s a ‘good’ natural sugar that is not only nutritious but is also low in glycemic index.


Environmental issues have always been Re.juve’s concern since our inception. We asked ourselves, if our aim is to provide something good for our customers then we must also do the same for our environment, whenever it’s possible and realistic.

To keep our juices optimal nutrients unharmed and safe to consume, starting 2020 we use the best-quality recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET) bottles that are made from 100% food-grade recycled plastics, which are also 100% recyclable, as our contribution to decrease plastic waste (#TowardsZeroWaste). We have also used recyclable shopping bags and biodegradable straws to reduce plastic usage as much as possible in our stores.

We are passionate to bring more awareness on the environmental issues and for that we have created #GOODforEarth campaign where our customers can also save the environment in easier ways, such as by dropping their used PET bottles to be recycled at Re.juve’s stores.

We will always continue to show our efforts and contribute to saving the environment in alignment with the government’s efforts to reduce 70% of plastic waste in the ocean by the year 2025.


To show our cares for the community we have partnered up with Candra Wijaya who is known as badminton legendary player who had won gold at 2000’s Olympic Games to support young and emerging talents in the local badminton scene #GOODForCommunity. As we know badminton is regarded as Indonesia’s national sport, we both have shared visions and idealism in upholding integrity, honesty and transparency.

Not only does Candra Wijaya Badminton School serve as a home to young emerging talents, its shared idealism and commitment to always advocate honesty, such as by being transparent with its participating player’s age for example, is a partnership we are proud to be with. Elsewhere, it’s undeniable that Re.juve myriad healthy beverages will also provide the necessary vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteins that are important for the young talents’ health and development.

We hope that our #GoodForCommunity program will help and pave the way for these young talents to continue and make Indonesia proud in the badminton championship by always upholding high sportsmanship and honesty that is parallel with Re.juve’s vision and mission.