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  • What is Cold-pressed Juice?
    Cold-pressed juice is a juicing technology which doesn’t produce heat so it preserves nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables

  • What's the difference between Re.juve and the other juices?
    1. 100 % Fresh.
      Rejuve is 100% Fresh, up to 1 kg fresh fruits & vegetable.
      Not from concentrate.
    2. 100 % Pure.
      No water & sugar added
      No artificial sweetener.
      No preservative.
    3. 100 % Natural.
      Raw, No Heat, Not Pasteurized.
    Re.juve is made in Cold-Chain process, which mean all activity & process is uninterrupted series of refrigerated production, (storage and distribution activities, along with associated equipment and logistics), which maintain a desired low-temperature range. It is used to preserve and to extend and ensure the shelf life of products.
    We alco Centralized our manufacture at Re.juve hygiene Central Production Facility, with room temperature is maintained at 10-14 Degree Celcius to prevent bacteria from growing while the water temperature is at 2-5 Degree Celcius. Our Fruits and vegetables are first washed with filtered water, then next step we washed with chlorinated water to kill harm bacteria. After that, they are rinsed with reverse osmosis water to make sure that all the ingredients are clean and hygiene. 

  • Why Cold-Pressed is better compared to other technique?
    Because juicing with cold-pressed technology doesn’t produce heat and oxidation, therefore the nutrition of fruits and vegetables are protected and preserved. Heat and oxidation are the biggest enemy for fresh fruits & vegetables juice, Because they will destroy all the good nutrition. We are using the best Cold-Pressed machine in the world, Hydraulic Pressed Juicer, and all process were made in our Central Production Facility which the environment is guaranteed hygienic and the temperature is maintained cold to our standard (10-14 degree Celsius).

  • What is the difference between Classic Line, Signature Line and Organic Line?
    Classic line tastes sweeter than signature and organic as it contains Honi Pineapple and more fruits. Most Indonesians are familiar with sweet beverages.
    Signature line is made for those who are used to juicing lifestyle. It contains triple nutrients and antioxidants.
    Organic line is made from 100% organic vegetables such as super food Organic Tuscany Kale. Organic Line is our premium line.


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There are 2 ways to Order, via Web Mail

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